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In seiner Funktionalität auf die Lehre in gestalterischen Studiengängen zugeschnitten... Schnittstelle für die moderne Lehre

Teacher's Besties

1_03„Teachers Besties“: Viele Grafik-, UX- und Kommunikationsdesigner, die als Freelancer arbeiten, sind momentan ohne Beschäftigung. Sie haben das Know How, digitale Medien für unterschiedliche Zielgruppen zu gestalten. Idee ist es, Lehrende und die Gestalter zusammenzubringen und eine Symbiose aus Wissen und Design für die Verbesserung der digitalen Kommunikation zu schaffen.
Einreichung: FernUni Hagen

Teachers Besties

Our unique selling proposition is first and foremost that there is no other provider in Germany in this field. The current social developments force teachers to make a very big change in a very short period of time. Without support in digital areas, people who have not grown up and even those who have grown up with it, are often overwhelmed by the technological progress of the past years. Especially the generation 50+ has to learn the technical issues from scratch. This is exactly where our idea comes in. We put teachers and professors in contact with designers who can help any teacher with their questions. With every satisfied customer our concept spreads, as the good reputation gained through this will bring new customers to us. Especially in these times, teachers will be grateful for any support that might help them to become familiar with today's technologies faster and to relieve them of work, especially during the big changes that are coming up in this time. This is bundled in our „Teachers Besties“ concept, as we want to respond to these unmet needs as quickly as possible


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